Monday, 10 January 2011

Beads, Beads, Beads


A trio of ATCs using beads.


Firstly I sorted out some already coloured backing card from my stash. I found enough for the three ATCs I needed to make. I decided that I would try to use bits that I already had , rather than start the whole process from scratch.

First one was using a piece of silk on which I had made a rubbing, using Markal Paint Sticks. I attached the beads and added a little colour with glitter pens. I then stamped and embossed the background card, using gold embossing powder . The heart was cut from a scrap of fabric paper, stitched around the heart  and stitched  the face to the middle. Finished off with gold Krylon around the edges.


With the second I  stamped and embossed the background card, this time using copper embossing powder.  I used a  piece of lutrador, that had been stencilled using moulding paste, coloured with treasure gold (copper) and heavily distressed. I stitched this to a piece of red silk and randomly attached sequins and beads.

Number three, I again stamped and embossed the background card. I had a small piece of  fused fabric that I’d made at a workshop ( Margaret Beale), so I cut this to the correct size and added sequins and beads.



chrissy said...

Annie - Your beaded ATC's look beautiful!!

Pattie said...

LOVE them all,so detailed,interesting how you created them too x

Rosie Rowe said...

LOVE all the artwork on your blog Annie! Those xmas notebooks are gorgeous and I am definitely getting an embellisher when we have moved!

Pattie said...

I have left you an Award on my blog Annie ! please go and pick it up thankyou :) x