Thursday, 29 May 2008


Yesterday was Sue's birthday. We usually try to meet up once a week, but Sue has been MIA for several weeks due to a house move. Yesterday we had a birthday lunch for her, Chilli made by Karen, and Rhubarb and Amaretto Crumble made by me, very nice it was too. This is an ATC holder that I made for her.

We also had some fun, making stencils and then spraying. We also used leaves from Karen's garden. I bet we looked like mad women, out in the pouring rain picking leaves.

The first 2 pictures are the backgrounds I made with my pear stencil, one sprayed and the other using the ink left on the stencil to give a print. The other 2 are using leaves.

Tip In's

I love Tip In's. Sweetpea has choosen some great themes, the latest of which are
Leaves and Nature and Men.

.Brunel was one of the Britons in the poll for the Greatest Briton Ever, he came 2nd to Winston Churchill, but, in my opinion he should have won.

Chunky Book

I have known about this Chunky Book for months. 28 pages to be with Jessie by the end of May. Well I did get them done, by the skin of my teeth. Are we all alike here, pushing deadlines to the limit? The theme was My World, and we had to incorporate some Tyvek, somewhere on our
pages, and one of the pages was to be a journal page. Well my journaling is a little on the succinct side. Spot the Tyvek? The deco heart on the journal page , and the word 'words' is stamped on tyvek.


Fiona's theme tfor this month was summer. Here's my take on this .

More Deco Pages

Another group I belong to has a round robin deco book swap going and here are some pages I have done for this.

NGS Deco Books

This is an ongoing project, and lucky me, because I feared that one of my books was lost, now have two :) Some of the books are beginning to make their way home, and I can't wait to get mine. I just know they will be gorgeous. Here are some pages that I've done this month.

Another Month almost gone!

Nothing posted here for over a month...just doesn't seem to be enough time to get everything I want to do done. Oh for some of Sweetpea's 48 hour days :)

Around about Easter time I asked TrishB if she knew when it was Adrienne's birthday, as I wanted to organise a birthday book for her. Well , I really didn't expect the answer to be May 9th lol. Anyway a big gulp, and I went for it. The response was amazing and I owe a big debt of thanks to all those artists ( you know who you are!) who took time out to create amazing art and get it to me by 30th April! Karen and I then collated it, bound it (well Karen did, I was too scared to punch the pages!) and added ribbons, beads etc. It did get to Adrienne's home on her birthday, but she'd snuck of to celebrate elsewhere and we had to wait until the Monday to hear her reactions. I tell you that was some was hopping around as much as me! But finally the message was posted , it had been received and I could breath again!

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