Monday, 25 February 2008

Folded ATC

Another swap on my favourite swap group - CCSwaps -a folded ATC.

Valentine ATC?????

Um, me making a valentine? Not likely,this ATC just happened! I am honestly not getting all lovey in my old age......But I quite like this...real grungy looking too lol.
Started out as a piece of black metal. I stamped the swirly heart on it in white versamark and tried to colour it red with alcohol inks. Well it didn't work, what it did do was take off the black coating and leave the heart image behind. So I removed most of the black, had to leave a bit for effect ! and coloured the silver metal with Red Pepper. Then used a couple of tools on it and added the word and brads.

Art Doll

Maggi on CC Swaps is running a paperart doll swap. A lot of fun. Here is mine.

Torso is made from a Formica chip, alcohol inked, stamped and some bellies added. Something odd happened with the black Memories ink and the alcohol ink: as I didn't like the effect,I rubbed the black ink off . Lo and behold it had a resist effect, the black ink came off and left the outline of the stamp white. I liked it so left it like that.

The face is am image from my collection, slightly coloured with chalks, and the headband is a bit of fringing. The neck is a bead (Thanks to Linda Strawn) wired to head and torso. The arms and legs are stamped with various 'doodle' type images.

Fiona's ATC Swap

The theme for this month's 10 for 9 swap was 'all about me'. A difficult one until Fiona said that it could be what you were into at the moment, no mind blowing secrets need to be revealed. Well at the moment I am into pears...why? I don't really know, something about the shape appeals to me, and 4 of my latest stamp purchases have been of pears. So I just had to use them, well one of them.The swap has been changed slightly in that we now make 5 of each of 2 different designs, rather than 10 the same. Here are my 2.
Background is from my stash and I can't remember how I did it. Used some metallic acrylics ans some sprays I think. I triple embossed a piece of card using a mixture of colours for the top layer and then impressed the stamp. Dictionary definition was copied and the word pear written in ink.

The 'liquefied ' pear image is one that I altered from a photograph of pears taken for the food element of a photography course I did a couple of years back. I cropped it slightly and printed it on water colour paper. Background is again acrylic metallics, stamped with versafine sepia and a scribble stamp by Magenta.

Tip-Ins - Birds

The theme for the tip-ins this month was birds, and I really enjoyed doing this, so I hope my swap partners like it.
The background is acrylic paints, blue and a very dark violet. I sketched the birds and the branch and coloured the birds with Stewart Gill paints. I used an anonymous metallic green for the leaves. Stamped using Memories black ink pad . Then I added the dots and edged with a white pen. I vaguely remembered the words (a childhood story I think) and I wrote them on background offcuts.
The background for the back is one of my paint scraping experiments. I amended the image in Elements and printed it on pieces of watercolour paper from my stash. Stamped the swirls with Memories black ink and added the white dots. The words were hand written.

Deco Books

On NGS we have a round -robin deco book swap at the moment. I have been lucky enough to have received 3 books so far and here is what I did in them. No names to keep the surprise;)

Image transferred onto fabric, shining stone background with some lustre gold embossing. I have had this image for some time and thought this an ideal opportunity to use it.

Scraped background stamped with images. Left side has some silver lustre embossing and the words are written on kitchen roll used to catch the over sprays.

Leaves are from one of my own photographs altered in Elements and printed on watercolour paper, mounted onto black card. I doodled around the edges and added the doodled leaves.


Last playday, when my muse was definitely on 'walkabout' I spent the day, with the guidance of Karen, making beaded necklaces and earrings. I haven't done anything like this before, but had stowed away some great beads for 'one day I might need them' Well, that day had come!
Blue asymmetrical necklace and earrings.

Green and copper necklace

Shell beads with pendant and earrings.

Where has February gone! and a birthday!

I can hardly believe that February is almost over, and I haven't made one post! Well it was a rather big figure birthday this month, not that I really celebrated that :) Had family for the weekend and on the Wednesday before Karen and Sue laid on a birthday lunch. Lovely to be spoilt , here are the pressies they gave me: The unopened packages. beautifully wrapped.
Earrings from Karen, I love them.

Hand knitted gloves from Sue. I'd admired hers, and now I have some. Not one seam in them!

Karen made this delightful 'ribbon embroidery' picture.

Wasn't I the lucky one :)