Monday, 25 February 2008

Fiona's ATC Swap

The theme for this month's 10 for 9 swap was 'all about me'. A difficult one until Fiona said that it could be what you were into at the moment, no mind blowing secrets need to be revealed. Well at the moment I am into pears...why? I don't really know, something about the shape appeals to me, and 4 of my latest stamp purchases have been of pears. So I just had to use them, well one of them.The swap has been changed slightly in that we now make 5 of each of 2 different designs, rather than 10 the same. Here are my 2.
Background is from my stash and I can't remember how I did it. Used some metallic acrylics ans some sprays I think. I triple embossed a piece of card using a mixture of colours for the top layer and then impressed the stamp. Dictionary definition was copied and the word pear written in ink.

The 'liquefied ' pear image is one that I altered from a photograph of pears taken for the food element of a photography course I did a couple of years back. I cropped it slightly and printed it on water colour paper. Background is again acrylic metallics, stamped with versafine sepia and a scribble stamp by Magenta.

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Carol said...

You have been busy and creating lots & lots of gorgeous works of art. My favorite is this melted pear photo, it's fantastic.