Monday, 25 February 2008

Tip-Ins - Birds

The theme for the tip-ins this month was birds, and I really enjoyed doing this, so I hope my swap partners like it.
The background is acrylic paints, blue and a very dark violet. I sketched the birds and the branch and coloured the birds with Stewart Gill paints. I used an anonymous metallic green for the leaves. Stamped using Memories black ink pad . Then I added the dots and edged with a white pen. I vaguely remembered the words (a childhood story I think) and I wrote them on background offcuts.
The background for the back is one of my paint scraping experiments. I amended the image in Elements and printed it on pieces of watercolour paper from my stash. Stamped the swirls with Memories black ink and added the white dots. The words were hand written.

1 comment:

Trish Bee said...

WOW! I love your bird tip ins - your bird drawing is brilliant! I wish I was your partner in this swap! Instead you'll have to make do with mine!