Monday, 3 January 2011

Christmas Notebooks


On UKArt we had a 12 days of Christmas swap, in which all participants made 13 presents and got back 12. I made covers for hard-backed  flip notebooks, which can be refilled as necessary.



I made the covers using both my sewing machine and embellisher.

Firstly I cut some pelmet Vilene to approximately the right size, allowing for the end pockets to insert the pads in. I then used various wools, threads, silk ties (wonderful source of patterned silk!) with the embellisher to make the basic fabric.

When this was done I used my sewing machine, with threads to enhance the basic fabric  to add decorative elements, straight lines , some free embroidery and on some I stitched on additional fibres.


Next I choose some lining fabric to co-ordinate and attached it using wonder under. I then cut the piece to size, and finished off with two rows of satin stich all the way around. I then turned the ends in to make the  pockets and stitched these using satin stitch.


Jacqui said...


WendyK said...

They are even better when you have one in your hand, thank you Annie.

Pattie said...

Your right there Wendy,I love mine so much i just want to look at it,dont want to spoil it by using,you have such patience Annie I love the Xmas tags too x brilliant work !