Saturday, 5 February 2011

Fabric Tag Book


A couple of weeks ago I went, along with Adrienne and Wendy to  Ledbury Art Place run by Angie Hughes.

We did two courses, one on Indian Style Printing (more of which in a later post, the other on making fabric tag books.

               Fabric Tag 1Fabric Tag 2

We learnt how to use our printers to print onto fabric, tissue paper, transfer paper and how to print words out on to fairly narrow tape.

The secret of all this is a repositionable glue spray, we used 505, but I am sure that any brand will work, and being careful to keep your leading edge well stuck down.

We spent most of the morning, finding and printing backgrounds. Angie has a stand alone printer, but any flat feed printer should work. I have a Canon406 and it works perfectly. We also cut out several tags in a backing fabric, felt, pelmet vilene or anything of that kind.

                   Fabric Tag 3Fabric Tag 4

When you have a background you like, either found on the computer, a made collage, or even stamped, you can get you fabric ready. You need to spray a piece of normal copy paper with the glue spray, and attach your fabric, smoothing it out well. Make sure that there are no overhangs and then print. Remove from the backing paper, which can then be re-used several times. If you want to print onto tissue it is better to use a backing paper that has been used several times, so that it has a few bits of fluff on it!

                  Fabric Tag 5Fabric Tag 6

We then used Bondaweb to attach the fabric to our tags. Some of my tags have been painted with Gesso , but I didn’t so this with all of them.  I used stitching and embellishments as needed to finish my tags of.  I used 11mm eyelets (made by Prym) to finish the tags off , and put them onto a 2” book ring.

                  Fabric Tag 7Fabric Tag 8

                   Fabric Tag 9Fabric Tag 10

I had several small pieces of fabric left so pinching the idea from Adrienne I also made a baby tag book.



This was fun to do, and I shall run a swap along similar lines soon.

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Alison said...

Hi Annie,
I love the fabric tag book and have wanted to print on fabric for ages. Thanks for the instructions. I have one question. How do you get it to print in the right place on the thin stirp of fabric? Do you print out a table on the paper before sticking the strip down? Thanks in anticipation. BTW, my dad comes from Wiltshire. They emigrated to Australia before I was born. I hope to be able to go back some time and explore the area.

WendyK said...

It's turned out beautifully Annie, love the time theme (No surprise there)
If I didn't have to do all these swaps, I'd make another one.!!!

Pauline h said...

These are lovely.How on earth can you get the print in the right place?trial and error.Oh I would love to know.

Annie said...

For Alison and Pauline.
Thanks for visiting and commenting.
To print on tape you first of all print out on ordinary paper. You then stick the tape (using double sided sticky) over the wording you want to print, then you put this through the printer.
Pauline, the this is the only time that you need to be precise. Backgrounds you cut as you want , for other bits and bobs you cut and attach where you want them to be.
Hope that helps

Sdharshi said...

Dear Annie,

Great ags.I'm currently designing my label and want to print on fabric.Nice print effects...Your collection is super really like them. Good luck