Monday, 29 August 2011

Mixed Media Canvas


First time I have tried anything like this , but the urge took me and I just went with it.


                           Mixed Media Canvas


I started by roughly stitching scrim to Pelmet Vilene, and then adding  strips of torn wallpaper. This was painted with Golden liquid acrylic , Transparent Pyrrole Orange.When this was touch dry I added a coat of Nickel Azo Yellow, and when dry just a few touches of Outside the Margins 22 Karat Gold spray (added with a brush.) The silk carrier rods were also coloured with this.

I stitched the carrier rods to a piece of brown silk, just enough  to hold them in place. I used some thick silk thread, which I stitched with a ‘broken’ zig- zag stitch, working two at a time, and moving from one to the other without cutting the threads (these were cut later).  I then added the orange silk threads to the scrim and wallpaper background, using a zig-zag stitch. The silk rods were stitched to the background and the whole piece was then attached to a canvas, painted with Windsor and Newton raw umber acrylic.


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Lottie said...

This has such a rich look about it - I can imagine it being in an Arabian tent in the middle of a hot desert.