Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Tip In Pages


I organised a swap for Tip-In Pages (A5 size) which had to be based on the Teesha Moore style. I was hoping that participants would sign up 3 times as they had for previous tip-in swaps, but no such look, so it became a one for one swap.

I haven’t done anything in this style for ages, and certainly not in this size, so I was apprehensive about tackling it. I don’t know if I’ve managed the Teesha style or not, but I had enormous fun making these pages.

                      08-11-Teesha Moore Style tip in Page 1 

                       08-11-Teesha Moore Style tip in Page 2 

Please go look up Teesha if you are interested in how these were done, she explains it so much better than I ever could.

1 comment:

WendyK said...

Yes you did make the Teesha style, they look good to me.