Tuesday, 14 September 2010


Experiments, don't we just luv 'em! Lots of failed ones and sometimes wonderful results that you wonder how on earth you will ever be able to incorporate into your work. Here are a couple I liked a lot, but haven't really used. Have to get my thinking cap on.This piece is made from lutrador. I used a stencil and applied a thin layer of moulding paste. I sprayed with colour whilst the moulding paste was wet, waited for it to dry ( I am usually to impatient to wait, but for this it was important to do so!) I then zapped it with my hotter heat gun, which is a 350w Creative Craft Tool, brilliant for fabric zapping. The result as you see is a lacy effect. I used some treasure gold lightly to highlight.
This was done at a class I attended, Stitching on Metal. It was a fun class and I love the lacy effect that I learnt to do around the edges. I started off with a piece of copper metal and a piece of stabiliser which I stamped with the flower stamp, chosen because of its simplicity lol. The whole lot was placed in an embroidery ring , stabiliser on top, and stitched with the feed dogs down. You need to do this the opposite way to free embroidery i.e slow machine! I then drew a rough scallop pattern on some cold water dissolvable stabiliser, and randomly stitched within the pattern, making sure to catch the edges of the metal and to leave no loose ends.

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Carol said...

Thrilled to see you blogging again. So many lovely creations!!! Especially love this top sheet. I think it would be a fabulous book cover.