Saturday, 2 April 2011

Basic Sewing Kit Holder


I had great enjoyment from making this, so many thanks to Angie Hughes

I firstly painted some Bondaweb with Luminaire Halo Paints (beautiful shimmering colours) and left to dry.I cut a piece of felt to make the holder, approx. 91/2 ins by 8ins, which made a pocket around 6 x 8. Several lines of straight stitching(31/2ins) were done, to hold various bits and pieces. How you do this depends on which individual bits you want to keep in the holder. I then zig-zagged around the bottom of the piece, folded it up and stitched down the sides. 

                     003 (2)


I used a piece of black velvet cut to the correct size , backed with Vilene. Strips of the painted Bondaweb were cut and using a fairly hot iron and baking parchment, attached to the velvet.  I had had silk strips of just the right colour, so these were cut to size and Bondaweb ironed onto the back . Once I had attached the silk to the velvet I realised that I had not made a great job of cutting the Bondaweb, lots of little sticky patches. Ah yes, Angie uses a lot of foils, so I searched out some transfer foil and added it to cover the mess I’d made. The whole piece was then covered with Organza, stitched with cotton thread, and given a blast with my heat gun . Once that was done I added more stitching.



This was then attached to the felt pocket, and a ribbon added for a tie. My basic sewing kit, all in one place, ready to pick up and go!


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Angie H said...

looks brilliant i love the colour!!