Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Fabric Paper Rainbow Book


I am involved in a swap to make pages for a Rainbow Book. The pages are to be made of fabric paper, and to be only the colour of the month. This month it was RED…not one of my favourite colours to work with!


                        Fabric Paper


I made the fabric paper with muslin, tissue paper and a layer of organza over the top. When it was dry I gave it several coats of red paint, including some red glitter paint. When that was all dry I added a thin coat of silk paint.  I then cut a piece 12inches by 6inches to make a 6x6 page. The creases in the paper showed up well, so I randomly stitched around them, and did a bit of few embroidery in the flatter areas.  Searched out some red buttons from my stash and stitched them on and the machined on some red ric-rac for ‘stems’. An offcut of the fabric paper was used to tidy up along the bottom, and zig –zag  stitch was used to edge.I gave the piece another coat of silk paint and that was it. Hope the person it is going to likes it.


Jo C. said...

The red and texture resonates for me very feels like a peek into your inner heart with a secret garden of buttons. Love!

Jacqui said...

Hi Annie - I have awarded you a Liebster Award - if you're interested visit my blog to see what it is all about ... just wanted to say that I absolutely love my silk paper ATC bok from the Christmas swap - it is gorgeous and so much work Thank you

cpw said...

I love it!