Tuesday, 22 March 2011

ATC Giveaway


ATCs giveaway, first come first served. If you would like one, please leave a comment saying which you would like, and email me your postal address and I will send it too you when I return from my short break .

These were all made from bits and pieces left over from previous projects. (Except for the beads)





Thursday, 10 March 2011

Printed Postcard/Photo Album Cover



                     Printed Fabric


Hand dyed and printed fabric before it was used to make the cover.

This started life as a piece of cotton which my friend Karen gave to me. I ‘dyed’ it using various sprays in blues and greens. The printing block was made by taking an impression from a large Indian print block with a piece of Penscore. I then stamped this with green  and blue acrylic paints, which I then overprinted with white.


Printed PCard Holder frontPrinted PCard Holder back


      Front of Cover                             Back of Cover

To start I painted a piece of Pelmet Vilene, using the same colours as I had used on the fabric. I used the same impressed stamp in white, which dried to a subtle design.  I then put this aside to use later.

Once I had cut the fabric to size, and attached some medium weight Vilene, I melted Angelina fibres to make a fairly dense fabric.This I cut into various shapes, and attached to the fabric with machine stitching. I then dug out a couple of images printed onto fabric with my printer, and again attached with machine stitching.

I coloured the ‘pearls’ with acrylic paint, and when dry stitched on.A bit of hand-stitching finished off the cover.

I made ties by using some dyed tape, and sewing a couple of lines of stitching along it.

A piece of batting and the painted pelmet Vilene were cut to size and pinned to the cover ready to sew. The ties were pinned into place, and the whole was double zig-zagged around the edges.

The inside came from photo albums, bought very cheaply a couple of years or so ago.

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Purple ATC’s


3 ATCs for a swap, the theme being purple.


I decided to use Tyvek paper which I’d had for ages. Firstly I painted it with a thin covering of Golden Acrylic Fluid, just enough so the white still showed a little. Whilst it was drying I made a page on the computer, using purple ink and one of the special brushes, falling ivy leaves, and once the Tyvek was dry printed it out. Not that it is very evident…..I then attacked the tyvek with the iron to distress it a little. I didn’t want it to be  completely distorted as I intended to use the heat gun on it.

I took a piece of purplish coloured organza, and using a cotton thread stitched  more or less straight lines in a grid pattern. I then used the heat gun, to remove some of the organza. I cut this into pieces of approx. 6cms x 8.5cms , and machine stitched them to coloured tyvek cut to a normal ATC size.

I then cut some of the remaining  tyvek into small squares and oblongs, and stamped onto these using Brilliance Victorian Violet, which I then attached using a metallic purple thread.

To finish off I sewed a button to a small piece of tyvek covered with a piece of organza, which I then melted around the button. This I attached with super glue. I then used a touch of Stickles to add a little glitz.

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Alphabet ATCs


Alphabet ATCs, and as soon as I heard that a song started running through my head. You know the one? A you’re adorable etc…….

So I am going to try and do a whole alphabet based on the song….of course , mnop I could go on all day, qrst, alphabetically speaking you’re ok,and wxyz will take a bit of sorting out!

Here are the ones I have done so far:


Great fun doing these, all made with bits and pieces from my scrap bags and boxes.

Fabric/Mixed Media ATC Holders

This was a first for me, making books from fabric. I had some guidance from my friend Sue, and once I was off really enjoyed making these.
        Fabric ATCHolder1 -Cover 
This is the cover of the first one. It was made from a piece of fabric that  had been  previously coloured and printed on. Some Stewart Gill  texture glitter was added  to give it a bit of glitz. When it was dry it was cut to size, and, using Wonder Under was attached to a suitably sized piece of bump. The fabric for the inside cover was attached in the same way, and the two pieces stitched together.A ‘spine’ was made with three lines of straight stitching, one in the middle and one each side.

                     Fabric ATCHolder1 -1
The fabric used for this page was purchased fabric, stamped with a foam stamp using silver acrylic. A piece of Vilene 250 was ironed onto the back   and a  bit of free machinery stitching using silver thread completed the page. The pockets were made using the same Vilene as backing, hemmed along the tops and attached with a small zig-zag stitch. The back of the page was completed in the same way, both sides were pinned together and then cut to the correct size, and machined round. All pages were made in the same way.
                    Fabric ATCHolder1 -2

This fabric was coloured and decorated with Thermofax screens, made at a Angie Hughes course which I attended last year.

                  Fabric ATCHolder1 -3

The left hand side is purchased fabric, over stamped with a heart stamp and gold acrylic. Gold braid was attached to look like an envelope.
                    Fabric ATCHolder1 -4

This is a two toned blue fabric, stamped in gold acrylic. Some gold stitching was added , following the shapes of the swirl. Gold thread was added to the pockets in a swirl shape.

To complete, the pages were folded in half, and stitched to the cover following the previously stitched lines, middle one first.
A  simple button and thread tie was added to finish it off.

               Fabric ATCHolder2 -Cover
All the fabrics used in this holder were coloured using various sprays and when dried ,printed, using ‘plates’ made from Penscore.
It was made in the same way as the one above.
The flower on the cover was made using organza and the soldering iron, with some beads added to the middle.  Some decorative beads were added on the cover edges and on the spine.
                    Fabric ATCHolder2 -1
Random stitching was added to all of the inside pages.
                     Fabric ATCHolder2 -2

                    Fabric ATCHolder2 -3

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