Thursday, 10 March 2011

Printed Postcard/Photo Album Cover



                     Printed Fabric


Hand dyed and printed fabric before it was used to make the cover.

This started life as a piece of cotton which my friend Karen gave to me. I ‘dyed’ it using various sprays in blues and greens. The printing block was made by taking an impression from a large Indian print block with a piece of Penscore. I then stamped this with green  and blue acrylic paints, which I then overprinted with white.


Printed PCard Holder frontPrinted PCard Holder back


      Front of Cover                             Back of Cover

To start I painted a piece of Pelmet Vilene, using the same colours as I had used on the fabric. I used the same impressed stamp in white, which dried to a subtle design.  I then put this aside to use later.

Once I had cut the fabric to size, and attached some medium weight Vilene, I melted Angelina fibres to make a fairly dense fabric.This I cut into various shapes, and attached to the fabric with machine stitching. I then dug out a couple of images printed onto fabric with my printer, and again attached with machine stitching.

I coloured the ‘pearls’ with acrylic paint, and when dry stitched on.A bit of hand-stitching finished off the cover.

I made ties by using some dyed tape, and sewing a couple of lines of stitching along it.

A piece of batting and the painted pelmet Vilene were cut to size and pinned to the cover ready to sew. The ties were pinned into place, and the whole was double zig-zagged around the edges.

The inside came from photo albums, bought very cheaply a couple of years or so ago.

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Kate Creates - a lot of mess, just ask my family..... said...

This is lovely, gorgeous colour as are the purple ATCs in the previous post. My Tyvec alays ends up in a crumpled melted mess. I'm obviously too heavy handed with the iron.