Wednesday, 28 December 2011

12 days of Christmas Swap 2011


We did this swap again this year, and there were some beautiful things made. This was my effort:


First off I made 12 sheets of silk paper using Cocoon Strippings. You lay these out on a piece of baking parchment, spray with water cover with another sheet of baking paper and iron until dry. Once they were dry I painted them with a thinned down acrylic pearl paint and again allowed to dry. I stamped using a foam stamp and metallic acrylics, and then, using a different stamp, stamped a smaller design using Stazon. When this was dry , the whole sheet was painted again, using a watered down silk paint, in  similar colours to the paints already used.


                    Silk Paper Sheets for Xmas Swap    


I then free machine embroidered around the larger stamp designs, and did a little hand stitching on some of the sheets.


                       close up atc holder  


The sheets were then cut to size and lined using some of my hand coloured fabrics attached using bond-a-web.

Once that was done I satin stitched around the edges. I now had my covers ready. Next step was cutting and folding the pages from hand made papers. I attached the pages with a wide zig-zag stitch and ribbon.

                          attahed pages


I then used double sided tape to attach plastic ATC holders to each page, and cut some metallic paper to pop into them.


The finishing touches were to add the fastenings, and I used Polymer clay pieces and ribbons, which I  attached with Golden Gel Medium.


                    silk paper atc holder 2




    I also made an ATC, to go along with this:


                            Christmas 2011 ATC


              Here they are, all wrapped and ready to go:


                        all wrapped up


Lottie said...

These are absolutely stunning and so many techniques that I haven't even heard of!

Such beautiful work.

Happy New Year

Carol said...

Gorgeous, love the colors and everything about them. Lucky recipients!!!

Jo C. said...

I absolutely love these and the yummy texture you were able to create with the stitching. See you in Book of Days :)

Adrienne Goodenough said...

I was lucky enough to be a recipient of one of these and can confirm that it is absolutely gorgeous!

WendyK said...

I can also confirm that these are fabulous. Beautifully done Annie.

chrissy said...

All your work is beautiful Annie, but I really love how those ATC holders turned out.

Kim said...

I popped over from BOD- and your blog is beautiful!! I love this project on this post- what wonderful work you have done- they are sooo pretty!!