Friday, 9 September 2011

Teesha Moore Style Tip in Page - Again


I really enjoyed making the Teesha style page for the swap that I immediately made another one. I think these could be quite addictive, and certainly , if your mojo has gone walk-about,a good way to get the creative juices flowing.


           08-11-Teesha Moore Style tip in Page408-11-Teesha Moore Style tip in Page 3


Carol said...

These are fun & colorful, love the quotes.

Pattie said...

I,m now the proud owner :) i just loveeeeee it ! x

Motherkitty said...

Wow! How fun! I love the colors and the energy. Thanks for sharing.

Lottie said...

My mojo has definitely gone walkabout so I think I will have to check out the Teesha Moore style

These are just gorgeous - like journal pages.

Wish I could have some of that rain in your blog background - I can't remember what it feels like after so long.

(On the other hand the phrase 'be careful what you wish for springs straight into my brain so had perhaps better not wish)