Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Altered Frame



My friend Esther gave me a couple of plain wooden frames to play with. This is one of them completed, although the picture really doesn’t do the colour of it justice.

Firstly the frame was covered in bits and pieces of fabric paper, stuck with bookbinders glue. When dried, several thin coats of Golden Liquid Acrylics were added, not sure how many but at least 4. The final coat was Iridescent Copper Light.

A piece of silk was stamped with a calligraphy background stamp, using Versafine Vintage Sepia.

A piece of stamp board, the same Versafine ink and a Paper Artsy stamp produced the centre piece.

This was assembled and then what to do to finish it off?  I found the edging in my stash, coloured it with a quick wipe over with the iridescent copper and attached to the frame using thin double sided tape.

Something was needed for the top, and in my bits and pieces tray I found Remember, left over from a previous project. It was ‘dirted’ up a little and mounted on a small piece of wire mesh, which was then attached to the frame using double sided tape.

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WendyK said...

I love this, it's very richly coloured, and textured.