Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Organza and the soldering iron


I had a week-end of playing with some friends recently , and whilst there we played with organza and the soldering iron. I just finished putting this together today.

                        Soldered, beads,sequins and stitching


The base is some acrylic felt, covered with a couple of pieces of organza attached together by using the soldering iron and a Fiskar’s shaped ruler.  Once  that was done, the squares were  made, using 2 pieces of organza. The diamond shaped pattern was made with the use of the soldering iron and a piece of wire mesh. Hearts were ‘cut ‘from organza bits trapped inside two pieces of organza, and attached to the squares with a sequin and a bead. To finish of machine stitching was used , and a few French knots were added at the bottom.

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WendyK said...

This has turned out really well, must finish some of mine