Sunday, 3 October 2010

Fabric Postcard

Another fabric postcard for a swap on UK Art. For this I embellished an old scarf around the edges and for the centre I stitched on a piece of black and silver coloured paper that I'd had left over from something. Can't remember what lol. I then used an image that I had already printed onto cotton and attached this with some scribble stitching and a small piece of organza. At this point I left it, no idea where to go.
A couple of days later I was playing around with some organza and found this piece of pink. I made some organza flowers, rough circles cut out and then, using something circular in the middle to hold it down,
gently heating with a heat gun. The edges curl up around the circle, and voila there you have it. I found some black buttons ,stitched them on using a black and silver thread and added small beads to cover the holes. I used the same black and silver thread to satin stitch around the edge. I hope my partner likes it.

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