Saturday, 14 June 2008

Cardiff Visit

On 11th June I met up with Adrienne, Barbara Hahn ( another CC Swaps member) and her friend also named Barbara. We met up in Cardiff, and Adrienne very kindly drove us around for the day.

Firstly we had a quick tour around the bay area of the City, but as parking is so difficult we didn't actually stay there. Adrienne then took us to Castell Coch, a Gothic fantasy created by William Burges for the 3rd Marquis of Bute. An absolutely amazing place. If you click on the link above you can get a 360degree tour.
Adrienne, Barbara and Barbara Hahn on the drawbridge at Castell Coch.
Barbara taking photographs of the amazing ceiling.
A view of one of the turrets taken from Lady Margaret's balcony.
After lunch we set of to visit Llancaiach Fawr Manor, which was built in 1530. Your visit takes place in 1645, when Colonel Pritchard and his family are away. You are escorted around the Manor by various servants, who describe to you how life was in those days. They are in character and are hugely educating and entertaining. A wonderful place to visit. After a quick cuppa we headed of for a quick tour of the valleys and then back to Cardiff.
We parked up and strolled along in the park, past the Castle walls and ended up at a Chinese Buffet Restaurant , where we had an enjoyable meal and a glass of wine. Then it was time to head off home.
Thank you ladies for a wonderful day, full of history and laughs.


chrissy said...

Annie - It was so wonderful of you to meet up with the 2 Barbaras and Adrienne!! Thanks for the pictures.

Carol said...

What fun, thanks for sharing.

Maggi said...
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Maggi said...

Thanks for sharing!! I can hardly wait for Barbara H to return home so I can see all of her pictures.